Pepe's livestream practices and highlights

I’ll start posting links and highlights to my practices here. I’ve really enjoyed the half dozen or so I’ve done so far (especially when people jump in and chat), so I’ll continue to livestream all practicing I do that’s longer than a few minutes.

Highlight from the last few has been doing Erotomania a good amount thanks to @tommo and @gabrielthorn talking about it:

Now I’m trying to get my “crosspicking” back to where I felt it was, so working the Take the Time Unison to the point of clean, Universal Mind intro with a different fingering that doesn’t have as much stretching, and getting Shawn Lane’s Gray Pianos Flying riff to be as consistent as possible.

Anyways, I’ll be jumping on here in a bit, thanks for the dudes that have dropped by and chatted so far!
@PickingApprentice @guitarenthusiast @Philausopher @JB_Winnipeg (a few others but I can’t connect the name in YouTube to the username here)


I’m having fun tuning into these.

After this, the next step in the Cracking the Code forum’s user-generated content evolution is clickbait-tier reaction videos.


@guitarenthusiast it’s been great having you in there! Especially since I only talk to a handful of people about metalcore and stuff. Making me want to downtune a guitar and do some.

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Doin’ it live:

@guitarenthusiast my shirt is a tribute to you

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Damn, I missed it. Great album and great band, but you already know what I think. I tried to get that shirt but it was sold out the last time I checked.

I’ll try and catch the next one.

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Damn bro, you’re good!!


@guitarenthusiast I lucked out and caught them at the ten year anniversary tour, got it there!

@aliendough thanks man, I try lol


Fixing to get on, will probably keep trying to crosspick that portion of Universal Mind, come to the realization that I use more finger movement than I thought, etc…

Here’s a highlight of the fingering I’m trying to work up for Universal Mind; I believe it’s crosspicking, something that I haven’t really tried to work up before so this has been fun to come up with ways that make sense to me. I’ve found that doing 2 notes back to back on either side of the “middle” of the pattern helps me feel out the picking and the muting, then building from there:

Gonna hop on in 20 minutes or so, will drop the link when I do. Gonna work on the same stuff as yesterday.

Ended up having to switch to archtop last 15 minutes or so? Tried Tumeni Notes and Universal Mind on archtop, was fun.

I’ll be on in 30 minutes or so, hopefully get Tumeni Notes intro cleaner and other stuff.

Gonna get on in less than an hour, do usual shenanigans. I think the crosspicking Universal Mind thing is coming together pretty well.

Doing a quick stream before I head out:

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Is that a metronome on your phone?

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@aliendough yup! I had audio going from OBS in a few earlier videos, but then it decided to not be in sync anymore. I’ll try again when I get an interface (soon, hopefully).

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Getting on, come heckle me:

Working on some patterns and stuff:


Replying to @Rot in one of his threads reminded me to upload this:

Trying to benchmark my playing more, so here’s a highlight. Started around 200 bpm 16th notes and got to 220 bpm for two string patterns and 210 for 3+ strings. Feeling like my playing is way better compared to about a month ago, mostly attributing it to really embracing my finger movement while picking and not “gluing” the thumb side of my wrist down like I would when playing DSX. Feels a bit more unstable but definitely better for playing. My muting was affected by this change as well, but I think that’s improved.

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