Perpetual Solo 1 w/ Video

Another take with video… not perfect but a quick upload :slight_smile:

Been working on this track and Malmsteen’s tone; just got a DOD 308 that I think has upped the game for me.

YJM sig strat -> DOD YJM 308 -> RR100 (1959 69’ clone) -> 1960B Cab ( 4x12 G12T-75 ) -> SM57

Hope you guys like it! Working on the rest now.

Would love to hear any criticisms, comments etc.


You keep getting better and better. I appreciate your dedication to the reproduction of his playing and tone, it is inspirational. Nice vibrato too.


I think you are doing great man, super vibrato! Would love to see a video of your playing :slight_smile:

As for comments/feedback, I think at this point you are the best judge of what you would like to improve in this style! If you tell us, maybe we can listen more closely and someone could come up with advice and stuff :slight_smile:


Nice playing, man! I can hear the extra bite from the 308, I think. Is this all on the bridge pickup? Do you find the DOD to introduce troublesome treble? I was really taken aback by how the DOD style of circuit indiscriminately seems to boost all frequencies. The Fender YJM pedal is ever more extreme in that regard. I had to introduce an EQ pedal to tame my tone in the high end but not before trying all sorts of things including changing out the diodes in both the Malmsteen pedals from silicon to germanium. The final move that made it all seem right was the aforementioned swap of the neck pickup for the old DiMarzio HS3. Anyhow, I digress.

Thank you, I appreciate the kind words, my friend.

Tommo! Thank’s man, I’ll def start doing vids. Maybe one today! What’s a good software to sync audio-video on windows for cheap? I’m way too conscious of my weight :smiley: I’m working on that as well :no_mouth: But I need to get over it, it is what it is I guess :slight_smile:

The DOD 308 is a sledgehammer, I too was quick shocked with its brutal intensity! Instant Yngwie for one, it’s filtering all the bass out, enough for me to turn up the bass knob all the way without it getting flabby in the slightest. I was surprised it didn’t add any high frequencies that I had to dial out, or rather any more than with my clean boost, I’ll have to get better ears on this to confirm. If anything I moved my mic an inch away from the cab and then had to cut even less at 5k and above in my post eq.

There is a lot of pickup switching going on on this clip, especially for the linear runs and the intro bends after they rhythm, I’ve noticed it’s balancing the neck and bridge a bit too well, I’ve set up my guitar to get the pups to balance each other but I may need to upset that a tad to bring each of their individual qualities out more, not sure exactly as the pickup heights is what I used and the tone knobs, will experiment, I just got the pedal yesterday. And you say the Fender YJM pedal is more extreme! I thought I’d have to try that too at some point.

These are the Furies as you know, I bet I’d be happier with the HS3 in the neck too! Let’s see if pickup heights make bring out the character more. No worries about digressing, I love gear talk!

Uploaded a vid; put it in the first post.

Let me know what you think; its not the best take; just a quick upload to see how the process works, I miss my mac but got it sorted on the windows machine this time… was overdue.


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