Petrucci Guitar Tech REVEALS Setup

Super low action w/ fret buzz!

Cool video! It would be cool to see his Images and Words setup in this kind of detail.

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omg! is this the secret to the gilbert tone also?

Just trying this today - lowered my action so it’s buzz festival - much closer to the gilbert tone!

I tried it 1.5mm at 12 fret on the top string and about 1.8mm 12th fret on the lowest string.

Sounds great - buzzing and percusive without having to whack the strings.

I was always under the impression that buzzing is okay, as long as you can’t hear it through the amp.

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it’s something I’ve never thought about till reading this thread - I’ve always had medium to high action - never thought to try and incorporate the buzz into my tone - I like it - gives a really nice weird attack sound even with a very light pick attack. I like the partial harmonics from it also - gives some neat tones.

The only thing I don’t like about it so far is - vibrato - it feels horrible - much less control than high action.