Phrase examples to practice

I recently got back into pure picking practice - for a while I was practicing chords and rhythm guitar a lot. After a couple weeks of commitment with wrist-forearm motion on just one note (tremolo!) it got to a point where 160-180 feels easy and higher speeds with clean notes seem attainable. If I do “air guitar” speed picking I can go as fast as Troy ! Don’t laugh, it’s that realization that motivated me to give it another shot. I have the “Around the World” material somewhere on my drive but could someone point me to where materials of phrases and licks are posted.

There are a lot of examples here:

Then the seminars have even more. Since you have a usx motion the ej and yngwie lessons would be a good fit

I wasn’t aware of that section. Thank you so much!

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There’s also the whole “interviews” section that you can get to right from the homepage. If there’s a player in there you know to be USX (i.e. Joscho Stephan or Marty Friedman) there’s a “Clips” section at the bottom of the player’s main interview page that’s got tabs of most examples in the interview

The pickslanting primer is awesome and if you purchase that as its own thing you get all the updates for life, no charge, but it’s all the interviews and seminar’s that motivates me to have a full subscription (for varying lengths of time). There’s just so many awesome examples tabbed out that no one’s ever got the excuse of not knowing what to play when we run out of ideas :slight_smile:

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