Pick Type for Bright Sound on Heavy Tension Nylon Strings

Currently using .88 green tortex on heavy nylon stringed classical guitar, and I want greater loudness and brighter sound. I am guessing thinner is the way to go but maybe thicker? Greatly for any guidance

I almost exclusively play classical guitar with finger(nail)s, but the little bit I’ve messed with it, the results I liked the most came from a standard fender medium pick with just the right amount of edge picking. A heavier pick was too ‘clicky’ for me, but it all depends on the exact tone you’re going for. I was trying to get it as close to nails as possible.


I stumbled on .73 ultex sharps as great loudness and high end / clarity on archtop, might be great on nylon string as well:

I bought some .73 Dunlops in a similar size / shape, no clips of them on acoustic though I think (let alone classical)


Brightest should be very thin, made of hard material like delrin or celluloid.

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Plus 1 to what @Pepepicks66 said. Any of the thin Ultex would be great. Sharp point or regular if you like that shape. There is even an Ultex Jazz III that I like (the yellow one not the black 2mm one that one is AWFUL and I think actually made from sandpaper).

I bought a nylon electric in January and the first thing I did was buy 3 different variety packs of Dunlop picks. I have around 30ish different picks I’ve switched around in the last couple months to learn how they play and sound.

As my go to I like the red nylon Jazz III generally but when I want a brighter sound like you are looking for I like the .73 Ultex, the black stiffo Jazz III with little to no edge, the Ultex Jazz III, or even the Tortex 1.5mm Jazz III if you play flat.

The .88 or .73 Primetone are good too but cost a tiny bit more. And lastly I’ve found that regular old medium celluloids have a pleasing bright snap on nylon strings.

edit: But on the real. Thin Ultex is what you want.

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