Picking Area On Strat

Where should I be picking? It feels comfortable to pick right above the middle pickup, but I keep hitting it. I’ve lowered it a bit, but any more lowering will affect the sound, and I love using the 4th position.

When I pick back closer to the bridge, between the bridge and middle pickups, the tone isn’t as good. When I pick between the bridge and middle pickups, the tone is much better, but I lose my anchor point (on the bridge) and picking gets harder.

I’m self taught so it’s possible I’m doing something very easy and obvious wrong.

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You have to choose.

Normaly, I pick around middle pickup, unless I’m searching for a specific tone, either close to the bridge or above the neck pickup.

If you like the tone picking closer to the neck, you can anchor on the strings themself, the same way you do above the bridge.

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Let Satch drop the wisdom:

Don’t lock yourself into one picking position on the string. Try to be flexible and comfortable on the entire string between the neck and the bridge (without hitting the pickups). You’ll get a lot more control of tone, harmonics, and ease of motion.

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For fast stuff I find that picking nearer the bridge where there is more tension helps, but for anything else, its all about the sound you want and what gets you closest to that.

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