Picking lesson with Kelly Simonz [in Japanese]


I found an interesting with Kelly Simonz on the Young Guitar Youtube page, only problem is that it’s in Japanese! If anyone here can speak Japanese, and wants to provide a basic summary, it would be appreciated.


could be interesting since he is pretty much an Yngwie-clone type. Interesting to see if he actually uses the same basic technique or worked out his own way. Cool dude though, i used to check all his vids

of course id be remiss if I didnt point out that youtube does have autotranslate lol. Works to some degree anyway. I use it on Anton Oparin’s vids sometimes. if nothing else, good for a laugh.

Im watching it now, it seems very basic

Key phrase so far is—> “again for that and in the rice as much as there is this cat’s original photo of himself”


Totally not a very useful comment, but WOW I love the color of that Strat.


holds the pick a bit weird sometimes with 3 fingers

looks like all downward slanting to me

economy ascending, some pulloffs descending

lots of weird thumb manipulation

supinates the wrist a bit when doing tremolo picking


ex 2, his version of honorable volcano lick. real “thumby” IMO


It looks like, instead of splaying his fingers out, he brings them together to form a kind of a pivot. It’s very interesting to see his picking up close.


He is saying that what he is showing is exactly Yngwie’s picking style. He says that the hand position is Yngwie’s and shows an exercise that you can practice over and over to be able to mimic the postion without thinking about it. I only watched the first 4 minutes, but if you have any questions as to what he is saying at specific time stamps, let me know. This thing of guitar hero clones is common in Japan. Off the top of my head, I remember seeing clones of Richie Blackmore, Uli Jon Roth, and Joe Perry. I’m sure there are many more.


Cool thanks, @Charles.


Of all the YJM clones this guy Cesario Philho IMHO is the most perfect. He has a YJM course he sells for 70$ over facebook (PayPal). I bought it; it’s a fantastic addition to the Volcano method.

Posted it here cause I found out about Kelly Simonz via this very video. And that “thumby” thing is something he insists on to get the Malmsteen thing down, spends many lessons over it, unfortunately for me he doesn’t speak a word of English, and he talks a lot while demonstrating. Thankfully he’s got tabs for everything, including excellent backing tracks!


yeah he is a little closer than Kelly IMO. Im thinking Ceaser copied Yngwies pre car wreck style where he seemed to use the thumb more

none of them touch Yngwies vibrato though. amazing how it always comes down to that

noticed Kelly uses smallish frets and only very mild scallops…not gonna get anywhere near Yngs vibrato that way lol

Ceasar is a shorter looking dude with smallish hands. I imagine thats a disadvantage on vibrato leverage etc

it gets into a bugs bunny thing lol. Cesar doing Kelly who was doing Yngwie


Man, this has been driving me nuts; I forgot he had an accident and had to learn to play again! That explains why he’s not doing the thumb thing now. The thumb thing does help with string tracking, etc.

Right about the vibrato/feel thing, though I think Cesario’s playing is a lot cleaner than Malmsteen’s ever was.


I dunno, very early Yngwie, Alcatraz and Steeler era, was very very clean and accurate. Still, Joe Stump, Kelly Simonz and Cesario are, IMO, cleaner than Yngwie has been in a long time.

RE: Kelly Simonz, I never noticed his thumb movements until it was pointed out in this thread. The guy can really rip!


to me, Joe Stump is extremely impressive. When I first heard him i was like “ehh, whatever”, but he grew on me. I have several of his instructional vids and essentially they are low budget things where it’ll be an hour with maybe 5 takes lol. Dude never makes mistakes!

of course Joe is older than Yngwie so Joe was already a huge Uli Roth/Blackmore/Schenker fan before he heard Yngwie.

The thing about “clones” is that obviously the 2nd generation will be more studied and homogenized than the 1st gen. 1st gen is pioneering out into the unknown…2nd gen is working out their version of something thats already been done.

Lindberg first to solo cross Atlantic…guaranteed the next guy did it faster and better etc. Roger Bannister ran the first sub 4 minute mile, breaking a record of 4:01 from 9 years earlier. Rogers record lasted 46 days lol

Joe Stump, being a teacher at Berklee, has a pretty universal and “correct” technique IMO. There is nothing jinky or patched together about it lol. He alt picks and eco picks. Sweeps up and down with correct slanting etc etc. In that regard id say he is an even better model to copy than Yngwie or Paul G

of course id still say Yngwie is a better musician overall just due to better writing and much more individualistic style etc


I guess gen 2 onwards get to pick and chose and be GMO hybrids :smiley:

It’s also options paralaysis like I’m struggling with, some days I feel I have it down, others I’m not sure it there’s any method to the madness.


this guy isnt an Yngwie clone per se but is influenced by him and Gary Moore etc.

but this is about as good as it gets for effortless speed and mastery


Massive Panos Fan too! I think these two know each other; if I’m not wrong I’ve seen them jamming in a clip somewhere!


yeah, this dude is strong

youtube auto translate from Span to Eng is probaby decent enough to figure out most of what he is saying. seems to be showing some nice Yng patterns here

haha, working on my Portugese skills. Baixo (sounds like “basho”) = down, Cima = up


I think he said Zargon picking.


Strong disagreement here. I’m fairly sure it’s all one-way Blorking.


it could be Blorking but only during the third reconciliation of the last of the Meketrex Supplicants