Pickslanting lesson by Steve Stine

Interesting to see these ideas interpreted by Steve. Hard to be sure how much he may have been influenced by Troy, but still interesting.

One thing that stood out in this and one other video I don’t recall the title for, when he talks about what we refer to as “motion mechanics”, he doesn’t directly account for wrist flexion/extension, though he seems to be like Teemu in that he often does a combined forearm-rotation plus wrist flexion/extension for dwps.

And he describes the motion of crosspicking as a “pendulum” movement, which I think is apt. While Troy doesn’t generally use that term, the flamingo/golfclub metaphor from one of the Code episodes expresses a similar visualization.

I was sort of reminded of the Eric Johnson clip where Eric came close to describing two-way pickslanting, but doesn’t quite make it there. Stine seems to have a strong grasp of the idea of an escaped versus trapped pick, but at least within this video, there are pieces of the puzzle that he doesn’t really put together for the viewer.

One thing that he and Troy seem to strongly agree on is the principle of not being overly prescriptive about the slant ideas, but using mere awareness of them as a guide for open-ended experimentation and allowing the hand to intuitively find a way into something that works (with knowledge of slant concepts as a tool to help understand why certain things seem to work or not).

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