Pickslanting Primer feedback

I’m early on in my journey through the Pickslanting Primer and finding it very interesting.

One thing I wanted to point out is that in Picking Motion > Zero Degree Pickslanting, a term is used that I’m not familiar with: grip flop.

I’m going through the Primer in order. I don’t think think “grip flop” was defined, mentioned, or covered in any of the Pick Grip sections. But I definitely could have missed it.

I searched the forum and have found the term defined within. But it might make sense to cover grip flop in the Pick Grip section (unless it’s there and I just spaced out and missed it).

Yep, we meant to include a chapter on that in the pick grip section. For now, you can find it addressed here in this video in Pick Design:

We also address it in the forearm section when we talk about sweeping, at about 9 mins into this video:

Putting concepts inside actual tutorials like this is a natural location for them, because that’s when it actually matters to something you’re doing hands-on. By contrast, the problem with defining things and making web pages about them up front is that it becomes super academic, where you get buried in a bunch of terms that don’t relate to anything you’re actually working on at that moment, making it more like an information dump that’s hard to remember.

So, again, just keep things in chronological order, we’ll probably put a video about this in pick grip at some point, maybe with an accompanying web page like in the new Picking Motion section, because it’s the lesser of two evils.

That makes sense. I’m really enjoying the content and fully agree that you don’t want to make it too academic.

This was just the first time I saw something and went: what is that? I don’t remember that.

In my opinion (now that I know what grip flop is), a couple of the Frank Gambale slow motion sweep videos do a great job of showing grip flop - you can easily see Frank’s white pick move within his grip as the pick punches through each string.

Fore sure, lots of flop in Frank’s grip. Mike Stern as well.

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More feedback. I’m not sure if this is by design or error but in the trapped motion section there is a video referenced that requires upgrading to Masters in Mechanics.

It’s the video that shows how Jorge can use a trapped motion and still play long sequences across strings.

First time I’ve run into this, so maybe it’s by design.

I was wondering about the videos which require upgrading as well. I thought I’d purchased the Primer way back when, and assumed these would be included as part of the update. It’s altogether possible that the original Primer was a free download, though, in which case I’m in no position to complain! I would like to be able to see the Andy Wood examples in the Primer without having to fully upgrade, though. If I had the cash, I’d do so - this is an amazing resource - but it’s just not financially feasible for me at the minute.

That’s just a mistake - we forgot to add that video to the list of playable videos on this page. Fixed now, it should work as long as you have either a subscription or own a copy of the Primer.

There should be no videos that require an upgrade to play — they should all work for anyone who owns a copy of the Primer or is a subscriber. One way to test that is to make sure you can play any other videos in the Primer. If you can, then you should be able to play these as well.

If you still run into videos where the page says they require an upgrade, it’s probably just because we forgot to clear them for playing on this page, like the Jorge example above. Let us know which ones and we can fix that asap.

Thanks for such a prompt and helpful reply, Troy. Yep, just checked and I can now see the videos in the Picking Motion section (I assume that’s only the case if I’m logged in). These sections aren’t available under my downloads, but I’m assuming that’s because they are text-heavy rather than self-contained video files?

Thanks again - you guys rock!

Yes you have to be logged in to see everything. Re: downloads, correct, there’s not really any way for us to make this “downloadable” given that it’s a combination of text, images, videos, all kinds of stuff. It’s basically a multimedia e-book.

Also, we’re constantly fixing errors and typos and moving stuff around so trying to freeze that and offer it as a download, i’m not even sure how we would do that.

On the flip side, this kind of multimedia presentation is exactly what the internet is perfect for, so we’re just making use of it. Everything should play and look good / readable on any device, including tablets and phones.

Let us know if you find anything else that needs fixing.

Both of Andy Wood’s “Liberty” clips have the upgrade message for me:

Fixed! Thanks for finding these

No problem! Here’s another:

Brendon’s “Sixes Ascending Hybrid Escape”

Ok! That’s fixed too.