Pickslanting Primer table of contents/outline - PDF here!

Is there any published table of contents or outline of all the Pickslanting Primer sections and articles?

I’m going through it really slowly and it seems that the grass grows under my feet! New sections get added, expanded, etc.

I’ve decided I’m going to create a spreadsheet doc with all the structure, links, checkboxes, notes field, so I can track my progress. Of course I’ll share the doc when it’s ready!

I don’t want to reinvent the wheel though, so if @Troy already has something to get me started (even a simple text list of chapters/sections or an outline is good), I’ll take it! :slight_smile:

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Wow, I never realized what an ENORMOUS untertaking is the Pickslanting Primer. There are 112 links!

Here’s a first draft of my TOC (in PDF format). I haven’t even revised it, so it might still be missing stuff. If anyone needs Excel or Numbers, let me know.

@Troy you really should make a page with an HTML outline of the whole thing. It might even be a useful sales tool!

Pickslanting Primer.pdf (249.9 KB)

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If by links you mean hyperlinks, there are way more than 112 of these. The wiki pages have dozens if not hundreds of links interconnecting to other pages for definitions / terminology. And of course all the musical examples exist on their own pages and are also timestamped within the timlines of the videos they appear in, when, they do appear. There are hundreds of those.

I appreciate the work here, but the product is too much of a state of flux for all this to be written down so we won’t be officially printing out all the URLs in the product. We’re constantly moving things around and renaming stuff. The best reference for where things are located is the homepage of the product itself.

We will however produce an index of terms, so that if someone wants to know where to look what “edge picking” is, for example, they’ll be able to link to it directy. And we’ll keep that up to to date. We haven’t gotten to that yet. But I suspect that is probably more like what you’re looking for, since the url of a page doesn’t really tell you all the stuff that’s discussed on it - particularly with the new “picking motion” section which covers a lot of territory.

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I meant links (in the PDF) to actual pages/lessons on the Primer. :slight_smile:

Well, to me this is a “master index” of sorts that I can use to bookmark my progress. You guys update the Primer much faster than I can go through it! :smiley: This makes it easier to find out what’s new when there are updates.

Agreed.If only the rows on that page could be expanded to reveal the tree-structure of the whole Primer! I was amazed at the depth when I mapped it all, and I already knew it was DEEP.

Anyway, I hope this is useful to someone else besides me.