Pickslanting switch question

Hi guys,

I can play really well with USX where the downstroke is trapped and the upstroke escapes. Although, obviously, theres not always strings that have to be played 3 6 9 times. What if Im forced to use DSX, because the last pick is a downstroke? It feels a little odd tweaking my hand position from USX to DSX. Whats the best way to go about it?


There’s a few ways to do this; you already mentioned one of them, which is switching your mechanic to DSX for that group of notes, but you’d like to avoid that per your post.

The “purely USX” answer is probably to either plan your lines to switch after the upstroke, but if you can’t do that (as you mentioned in your hypothetical situation), then you’d do something like pull off the last note, that way you’d have time to switch to the next string.

Another way is to develop a “helper” motion for essentially DBX. The only one that I’m familiar with is finger movement, but I think there’s maybe some other ways. You can see some of my recent videos with what I think is USX with a helper motion for DBX.

@Pepepicks66 mentioned some great options.
The secondary motion you would need depends on how you pick. Wrist only, forearm and wrist, elbow etc
There is a good section in the picking primer about primary and secondary motion which will explain a lot.
You can always post a video here or in the technique critique section for some help too.

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