Pinky finger tension


I’ve recently gotten into playing some faster stuff using the pinky finger, more specifically that Strunz and Farah sixes pattern from the interview. I’ve managed to get it fast and clean, fully picked, but after practicing it a while I’m getting some pain in the ulnar side of my wrist.

When analysing why, I think the reason is whenever I’m going from middle finger - pinky, or third finger - pinky, there’s a lot of tension in the tendon that’s responsible for the pinky finger.

Any tips for staying relaxed with this?

Many thanks,


How is your posture? I had some issues with my elbow and it was because of bad posture. I have since put the guitar on my left leg, using a foot stool. This way I was able to reach the frets more comfortably.

Do you have a direct link? I am not familiar with the pattern and I would like to check it out.

Hi @JonnyL,

If you can record a short video example of you playing these phrases, I can probably give you some advice regarding your fretting mechanics and how to minimize tension with these fretting combinations.