Pisaform always in contact?

Hi Team,

I have noticed a trend (at least amongst wrist/RDT players) where it appears that the pisiform area of the hand looks to always be in contact with the bridge. Often these types of players will often have the pinky resting on the guitar or slightly curled up and resting on the strings/body as well.

A good example of this would be PG (especially back in the day)

Is this something that others have experimented with or do naturally? I noticed the other day that I tend to only make contact with the middle of the side of my wrist with gaps either side of that reference point.

Yes, definitely.

I was very consciously aware of this point of contact while I was developing my RDT-based mixed escape form as a teenager. I very distinctly perceived the pisiform bone as the fulcrum of my picking movement, and I supinated and pronated around that contact point to achieve the USX or DSX.

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