Playback Issues - Soundslice looping


When I highlight a clip and uncheck the box for “play once” (so that it plays in a loop) it seems to cut off the first few notes. Does anyone else have that happen? Does anyone know how to resolve it to capture from just before the first vote maybe?

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Hey! I just tested with a few random clips and I don’t think I’m seeing the same thing happen. It could be either an issue with select clips, or perhaps it works differently with certain browsers/devices.

Can you try a handful of other clips from different interviews and let us know if this happens for everything, or just certain ones? The way Soundslice works, we have to manually synchronize the video with the notation, and it’s definitely possible a few just aren’t synced correctly.

You should also be able to drag the handles to select which portion is looped. Though if the sync is off at the beginning this may not work.

If this is happening consistently for you across clips it may be another issue than sync errors. In that case I’d suggest trying in different browsers and/or devices to see if that has any effect.



See if you go here:

And then highlight and put it on a loop, it is cutting out the first (slide/lead-in) note. I haven’t really been keeping track of which ones this happens to me with and some are far more obvious than others. Going forward if I find any, I will post links here so you can check.



Ah gotcha, yeah I think this will happen on occasion when there may be a bit of lead-in not quite correctly captured by how we’ve synced the notation. Hopefully not something that affects most clips and when it does only by a small amount at the very beginning. But we can definitely keep an eye on this and try to improve in the future!



Can’t ask for more than that. Thanks!