Playing Cracking the Code Videos on a TV?

Has anyone successfully used Chromecast to play videos from the site on a TV? The member videos are not youtube so I don’t see a way to cast them. I’m thinking a laptop with HDMI will be the way to go, but if someone knows how to cast them, please let me know. Thanks!

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Hi! Our “TV” at home isn’t really a TV, just a Mac Mini hooked up to a screen. So that kind of works automatically in our setup.

However it looks like Chromecast has an Airplay-style feature where you can send a video or even screen-cap your whole computer screen to the Chromecast device in real-time. Sounds like you need to use Chrome as your browser for this to work. Have you tried any of these options and do they work?

I’m guessing this is going to require some PC / laptop horsepower, since it’s basically capturing and transmitting your screen in real-time to the panel. If you try this, let us know if it works.

Alternatively, if you want to pipe your screen to your flat panel in a way that is less processor intensive, we use Magewell USB HDMI devices in the studio:

These things are great, and the best and simplest solutions we have found to pipe the screen of your computer somewhere else. Virtually no setup or configuration at all. You just plug them in and your computer thinks it’s another monitor. Just mirror your screen however you’d normally do it with a second monitor. And you feed the HDMI cable to an unused input on your panel or switcher, if you have one of those. The computer just becomes another source you can switch to on your panel.

There may be other options, but these are the two I can think of off the top of my head.

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Thanks, Troy. I’ll give these a try.

Chromecast from browser tab definitely sounds simplest, hopefully that works! But if not a simple HDMI cable (+ dongle adapter if necessary) should do the trick. The Magewell is great for pro video stuff but quite expensive / overkill for just getting a signal from computer > TV.

Meaning if they already have an HDMI out? Didn’t think about that. Because I’m dense. Yes, if your computer just has an HDMI out, you can just… plug it in!

Yeah either an actual HDMI port (not sure how many laptops have that built in these days) or something like Thunderbolt, USB-C, etc. you can grab an adapter for like $10-15 on Amazon. We do that at home sometimes to connect laptop to projector.