Please clear this up on terms used

I read slot of good stuff but I’m finding I get a bit confused with the wording.
I’ve always considered downward pick slant as being when I’m holding the pick grip towards the bottom of guitar as I pick and the upward pickslant as when I’m holding the pick grip towards the top of guitar. Is this correct?? Thanx

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It’s the opposite. DWPS - pick points upward (toward the upper part of the guitar/ceiling; UWPS - pick points down (toward the floor).

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Not sure but I think you may be correct / saying the same thing, but @laneism referencing the direction of the pick point and @Dutch referencing the opposite (grip) end of the pick.

The downward slant typically corresponds to the upstroke escape (USX) motion, and conversely the upward slant typically corresponds to the downstroke escape (DSX) motion. Since the motion and pick orientation are different things (and don’t always correspond quite so neatly) we now use the separate terms to more clearly talk about the trajectory of the picking motion.

We haven’t always been super clear about this and the terminology has evolved over the years but hopefully it’s pretty clear now in the Pickslanting Primer material.


Thank you!! I like the term upstroke escape better.