Please Critique

I’ve been trying to apply everything I’ve been learning here. Please let me know what I should focus on improving. I believe I’m using DSX but I could be wrong.

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You getting there :slight_smile: , is it not a bit too early for back-up singers :thinking: :dog:

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You are certainly using a DSX motion, and it appears mechanically sound. The problem is that playing chromatic runs into infinity will cause brain damage.

If this motion feels easy to you, and it looks like it does, you should start using it to play your favourite music ASAP, arranging lines to exploit the downstroke escape path to cross the strings.

Also, I believe I can hear an issue with hand synchronization. For that I recommend looking into the concept of ‘chunking’.


@GreenGuitarMusic hit the nail on the head! I’m becoming more and more redundant around here… please don’t tell the boss :wink:

@Leftycat when watching in slomo, it indeed looks like a primary DSX wristy motion. There is indeed a sync problem where you are not picking the same number of notes that you are fretting on each string. I suspect this is because you are always trying to change strings after a downstroke, but the phrase you are playing here is not compatible with that.

So I’d take some lines that are more explicitly DSX and see what happens with these. Here is a rather boring example of that sort, which you can make more interesting by adapting it to all sorts of fretting patterns (start on a downstroke for DSX):

 D U D U D U D U etc...

PS: I also modified your YT link so that the video embeds. This is achieved by simply posting the yt address in its own line like so:


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Don’t worry. I’m still around to give confusing/wrong assessments (though not intentionally as my heart is in the right place) in which case you come along and tell people what’s really going on :slight_smile: You’re still very much needed!


Haha thanks but I can get things wrong too! I think the crucial thing is for us all to develop a critical methodology where we immediately try to assess whether something is working or not. Teachers/fellow forummers and whatnot can suggest ideas but at the end of the day each player has to become aware of when things click, and/or when it is clear that the motion being used can’t work and needs replacing.