Polymodality learning resources


I found something like this in book ‘Chord Scale Theory & Jazz Harmony’ - B. Nettles, Richard Graf.

On page 129 (if I understood correctly ???) we have also modal interchange
with examples for each mode (lydian interchange,mixolydian etc etc).




I need something more about these topics.
Materials for exercises, songs for analysis etc


Old thread now, but that’s a wonderful book @nasierszyca. The image links are broken, and I don’t have my dog eared copy handy, but for a down to earth (and ear) example of modal interchange, I’d check out “Jazz Duets” YouTube site and look around at his theory vids. In this day an age, we really should be hearing these examples. Sadly, that one’s not been re-released. It would benefit from the eBook format with played examples.

p.s. Might want to change the spelling to “polymodality,” albeit though, that’s a little different than what I’ve addressed. Cheers.