PopTarts Lick USX Help/Critique w/ Magnet

Been trying to get the poptart’s lick working. So far, I’ve been able to get it to pretty crazy tempos like 190bpm 16ths, but the smoothness and accuracy has never been there even with tons of metronome practice. I’ve got a consistent tremelo, but not an accurate/nor smooth tremelo, and most definitely not a tremlo that moves smoothly across strings like I’m trying to get with this lick. One of the other big sticking points is that I find the transition from the high E string to the B string to be mind-numbingly difficult as I don’t have the same reststroke depth which seems to throw me off a ton.

Would you really appreciate any/all feedback!

“Post a slow-motion video.”

(The motion was too fast for someone like me to see.)