Portable general purpose speaker speaker?

Just wondering if anybody has found a particularly nice portable blutooth speaker with a line in ofcourse for general purpose use plus works really well for guitar via an audio interface, processors kinda use case?

There’s so much out there, it’s overwhelming.

Looking for something approaching studio monitors on the go.

I picked up the 3Watt Blackstar Fly 3 Bluetooth amp/speaker. It’s pretty solid. Rechargeable battery. Haven’t used it via audio interface though. I just plug guitar straight into it and then connect phone or tablet via Bluetooth

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I was using a katana mini at one point, had a BEOD into a vox ampplug2 in the the aux, I vehemently hated it’s guitar preamp side. The most important detail was using cheap carbon batteries in the ampplug!

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I may be wrong, but it sounds like you’re looking for an FRFR (full frequency flat response) setup to use with an amp modeler? If so, this is the cheapest I’ve found with good reviews:


There are, of course, better units, but they start to get more expensive and less portable.


Thanks brother, this might just be it!

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I have a headrush 108. It’s not Bluetooth and really doesn’t sound good lmao

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Thanks, i researched it. Heard it’s very boomy. Been looking at some small PA speakers. But I don’t think I can spend that much atm. Was looking at some of those consumer medium sized speakers. Just wanted one that doesn’t mess with the tone too much. Bose and others add compression and some latency as well.

Edit. These are particularly appealing. But may be way out of my budget.


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I mean that’s a PA speaker. Much different than a portable Bluetooth speaker haha

Is portability a must? I use the iLoud micro monitors (small studio monitors) and for the price they’re great. But in my honest opinion if you’re gonna get studio monitors, then just spend up for high quality.

Ive had a pair of KRK rokkit 5s for many years now. The continue to serve me well. More fun than analytical, but that’s just what I wanted.

I have to travel so I was looking around for something. I’m driving so I can load up a bit but those PA speakers are a bit overkill, your right about that.

The blackstar bluetooth Speaker is great. Alternatives to think about since you didn’t mention what you’ll be using for guitar sounds through the speaker.

Mooer GTRS Smart Guitar - amp modeling, effects, and guitar modeling all within the guitar and I can plug my headphones right into the guitar and play. Also connects via included usb cable to phone or tablet. They also sell the matching 5W tiny speaker that has blue tooth ability

Amp modeling unit with headphone input - new Tonex pedal, fractal fm3, lots of options there with quality obviously changing per price

The Yamaha THR amps are supposed to be awesome too

It’s an incredible time to be playing guitar, so much and all price points these days.

I’m using a DI rig with s-gear in a daw with an RME Babyface Pro for this setup.

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I’ve been LOVING my s-gear trial. It ends tomorrow so I’m gonna buy the license. Thanks so much for bringing it to my attention. I’ve been pursuing shredding much less lately and am instead having a blast with all the tone chasing available in s-gear. The feel is just amazing. It’s so much like my memory of playing into a mic’d up tube amp, but playing in the control room just hearing through studio monitors, that it’s scary.

good luck on your speaker quest, I’ve unfortunately got no suggestions there.


Glad it’s working for you brother, thanks on the speaker hunt, I succumbed and just brought my HD800s along, would probably easier to just find a suitable case for it and get my old bose soundlink 2 repaired if it’s possible for now.

I highly recommend the Cesario IRs to go along with S-gear.

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Just tried out the new Tone-X pedal - into my faffy Teenage engineering OB-4 lol

Actually sounds great - a little “boxy” since the OB-4 doesn’t handle extreme low frequencies,
but great for practise e.t.c. OB-4 is more of a poncy design thing than a “Studio” tool tho! using the built-in looper e.t.c. is fun tho!

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Nice, nothing like a dedicated hardware platform. Maybe you can try a post eq to reduce the boxy vibes.

These days it’s hard to find a consumer bluetooth unit that doesn’t use DSP to sound bigger or tune/compensate, in fact it’s the reason so many “AUX” in have tons of latency.

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Yeah - post EQ should fix the boxy sound - havn’t had a chance to put the TONEX and OB4 thru it’s paces yet - can’t wait tho (btw I was using a line connector rather than BT, tho the OB4 does have bluetooth - not sure if it’s aptx or whatever the low latency version is)

The other day a buddy brought over a NUX wireless, I’m not sure what they have going on there but it sounded good and I didn’t feel any latency! One more thing to charge though, it started to sputter a bit due to low charge but didn’t say it was low on charge, maybe just a cheaper model.

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I had one of those cheap wireless guitar sets (£50 e.t.c.) - I think they are hacked Bluetooth systems - something popped up on my BT on my PC - but couldn’t connect - that’s why I think it’s a hacked thing. Yeah charging anxiety - it real man!! :slight_smile:

Damn, bt will give you range anxiety too :laughing:

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