[Possibly Dumb Question] Difference betwween DWPS and USX

Hi Guys,

was just scrolling the Forum after sooo many years of not being in contact with Troy’s content :open_mouth:

While I’m acquainted with terms like Upward|Downward Pick Slanting (U|DWPS) , I just got across the USX and DSX acronyms, which should stand for Upward|Doward eScape movements.

Is that just a more general description, entailing ‘any picking motion’ allowing to escape strings on an upstroke or downstroke?

Thanks for any pointers and sorry if it’s too dumb a question :innocent:


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It’s your lucky day :slight_smile: Here you should be able to find all the answers you are looking for:


LOL thanks Tommo!
I’ll have a look as soon as I get some quality time :heart_eyes: