Practice Equipment

Hey Guys,

I’m trying to make a kind of master plan for my musical journey regarding guitar playing and practising.

Right now I’m working on my “Studio Room”, wich is a kind of small room in my parents house where I can practice loud. =)
I wonder if I miss out on some important equipment.
On my “big picture” you can see my actual gear / equipment that I have or want to have.

It would by really helpful if you could take a look and make suggestions on what might be helpful, which is not listed on the canvas.
I do not have too much time to practice besides my job and all other priorities in life. But when I want to practice / jam / play-along I want a place where I can plug my guitar in and GO. =)

What is your Rig for practicing / study? I’m very curious.

Pretty thorough diagram! I mostly just have my guitar sitting in the living room so that it’s convenient to pick up and play for a few minutes unplugged. I have the rest of my gear in the studio room.

This strikes me as a good point. No matter what your setup is (big/small), I think its most important to be able get playing quickly. Currently I play through a tube amp in the living room, guitar is always there. Only issue is when the mrs is watching the TV! I’m gonna get a twonote captor X for some silent practice!

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On your diagram: Where is your teacher?!

Yep, I missed the teacher on my diagram.

  • no claim for completeness - =)

Of course you are right. It is most importantly to have a guitar easily available.
I have 3 Guitars in my living room. But thats not my point here.

If I want to jam and already set aside 3 hours, then I don’t to waste to much time for setting up all my gear. So I wondered if there are some solutions on how to make things easy alltogether.
Maybe you have a certain setup or a way of organising your practice licks, songs, “playlists” etc.

Either playing stuff I’m trying to get better at, or learn stuff, or just jam along fun stuff. All the stuff.