Practice Lick of the Week: Horizontal 2-string pentatonics - great for chunking practice with USX!

Hey guys! Back after a bit of a hiatus - been pretty busy with teaching students and getting a new puppy but I missed doing this “Lick of the Week” kinda thing. This is a concept I use a lot when improvising and I also use it across all 6 strings but I’ll save that for another one and keep this one simple. Nothing that hasn’t been done before, but a little slippery slidey USX action between the top of each pentatonic box shape on the top two strings can get you climbing up the neck in a hurry and it’s got a cool syncopated feel to it since it isn’t just shredding straight 16th notes. This also makes it really good for chunking practice AND learning all the positions of the pentatonic scale if you don’t know them already. Here it is in context over John Mayer’s latest single, “Last Train Home”. Very Toto-esque so I thought I’d throw a couple Lukather-esque licks over it :sweat_smile:

And again zoomed in on the picking hand and slowed down:


Ignore the “Play” function on these tabs since the time feel is totally off. Not much to see here mechanically - groups of four lends itself really well to USX starting on a downstroke and the slide between pentatonic positions makes speeding it up a lot more manageable. Give it a try and lemme know how it goes! I’ll follow this one up with some more horizontal pentatonic ideas that build on this in future posts. Obviously you can move this lick to any key or pentatonic position - A minor box position is a great place for it as well.

Edit: @Twangsta notice the purple tortex :poop: :poop: :poop: