Practice Lick(s) of the Week: Some Shreddy Gypsy Lines to Mix Things Up! (Tabs)

Stumbled across this old-ish video and thought some of yall might appreciate these licks so I tried to tab it out.

Pretty straightforward technique - all USX or downwards sweeping, much in the vein of the gypsy picking system. A couple of pull-offs in the mix but mostly very simple for the picking hand - some fun diminished and jazzy lines with a lot of passing tones; to me much easier than the 2NPS pentatonic stuff so this is a good one to practice alongside those kinds of lines if you’re looking to diversify your USX licks. I’m definitely not a gypsy jazz player but this is my best impression of one:sweat_smile: on a nylon string guitar. The GAS for a Selmer style guitar is getting stronger, though …

Give 'em a whirl and let me know how it goes!

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Great sound! I have a backlog of your stuff to try out. Just have to learn how to play first. Cheers! Z

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