Pre-CTC books that talk about pick slanting

Are there any books, that were published before CTC highlighted pick slanting, that talk about the difficulties when changing strings and talk about techniques and methods to smoothly change strings?

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There’s something along these lines called Hodosi method I think! Was mentioned on this forum some time ago in fact!

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Here’s an article by Tuck Andress where he starts to flesh out CTC-esque ideas, but he doesn’t go as far as Troy does.


I think pre-CtC is just little fragments, with no unification.

Troy seemed to put the pieces together like this: DWPS, then UWPS, then 2WPS, then cross-picking, and then he jumped to the next level of abstraction with escape, the state-of-the-art perspective.

I’m not sure if there is a level of abstraction higher than this, or not, but I will stay tuned to see what happens next.