Problems with YM lick

hi there…this is Saad. And i would like like your feedback on some technical aspects of my playing…The first part of the video shows me playing a 3NPS scale
with tremolo picking and i was wondering if my picking technique was proper or not…the later part is where i have huge problem : Whenever i try to play a fast lick with a defined number of notes (thats a YM lick from FAR BEYOND THE SUN) i get frustrated and i can’t get it up to speed and quickly start switching to legato…THANKS for you feedback
Stay safe everybody

the clip :


Hey @Saad22, welcome to the forum!

The first thing I noticed is that you may be using two different picking motions for the two cases - are you aware of this?

The tremolo picking seems to be a (primarily) downstroke-escape motion (DSX), while in the Yngwie phrase I am not yet sure if it’s the same movement done a bit slower or something else. If it is indeed a DSX movement it would make Yngwie licks very awkward to play… unless you start them on an upstroke!

In any case, is it correct that you are mostly worried about left/right hand synchronization? Are you familiar with Troy’s lesson on “chunking”? Many people here found it a very useful concept to work on that. I see you are a MIM subscriber so you should be able to find some useful info about that in the “Volcano” seminar.


Thank you for your response…I’m kind of aware that i’m using two different motions to play,which makes me wonder what’s the best picking motion that would enable me to play Yngwie licks up to speed…i tried playing “the black star lick” today and watched Troy’s lesson on it… and i keep getting stuck at the 4 notes on the b string part and i just end up switching legato…
Thanks in advance

Hey @Saad22, the broad answer is that Yngwie stuff is best played with Downward Pickslanting (DWPS) + an upstroke escape (USX) motion. For example, this is demonstrated by Troy here using the wrist:

About the 4-notes per string, this is a perfect combination for the DWPS+USX setup if you start with an upstroke. Of course, there is the left/right hand syncronization problem as well. But I’d first try to check if you are actually making the USX motion first.

Edit: and here Troy demonstrates both “wrist” only and “wrist+forearm” versions of USX motion: