Progress From Downward Pickslanting

Hi everyone, just want to get some feedback. I’ve been playing for a number of years and I’m a primary downward pickslanter. I’ve gone through the primer material on Yngwie and Eric and made some good progress. Now I’m leaning towards going through the two way pickslanting and avoiding the upward pickslanting section. I feel the upward pickslanting will be awkward. Has anyone else done or felt the same?

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Hey Chris,

I will keep in short here. I have a hunch these pick angle adjustments are ‘awkward’ because you likely haven’t spent as much time trying to improve DPX. Or, maybe you were completely unaware? I mean, if they feel weird like say, ‘inside picking’ or whatever, our tendencies are to avoid difficult, or uncomfortable motions. For me, these motions even create tension which is not good. I just want to say that IF, and I am making an assumption here. Perhaps, try to create some simple exercises that focus on the ‘awkward’ or DPX pick strokes, and you will likely be able to improve quicker than you might expect. Maybe, you’ve already done all of the work? Not sure.

In closing, I struggle on this instrument, inside picking is still difficult for me, but since I decided to focus some time on improving in this area, I have actually made progress and sometimes without noticing, I will execute the difficult DPX when I am improvising and not miss the note on the next string. I will never be as good as the motions that are most natural to me, but it is possible to become less ‘awkward’ or at least, I believe in my experience.

Best of Luck,

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Hey Paul,

Thanks for the great response. I agree that its just something that I will have to work on to go along with what feels more natural to me. Working on a few exercises to help.