Progress I feel I have made in a week


i didn’t realize how much chunking is so vital and for me not paying attention to every note … i was getting discouraged for a while but decided to dive back into the dwp primer and see if something just flew over my head…and of course i over looked the chunking part… before i tried to anyalize every note in what i picked and was struggling to feel a lot of was going on … i quite focusing on every note …once i got it under my fingers then just went to for the land marks … a week ago i couldn’t do any of the picked stuff smoothly… the for the hybrid picking stuff that came naturally and i used it as a crutch for so many years im so happy i can use a pick these days thanks again to the ctc team !!!


vid set to “private” hehe


haha what about now?


good now grasshopper

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Amazing playing <3

What exactly do you mean when you say you couldnt do the picked stuff smoothly ? Wasnt it in snych? Sounds like you had a huge breakthrough, so congratulations :slight_smile:


yes i didn’t realize it till after i felt the sync i mean i could play at moderate speeds but it would take a while for everything to get going and i could pull of stuff using hybrid picking but i have fought using a pick for years!!! ( i thought i was doing the best i could do and that something was physically preventing me from catching what i wanted )also i feel my picking is cleaner and more controlled! i feel like i dont have to fight it like it did now i just gotta keep polishing ! im starting to have more hope for things i want to accomplish not only on guitar but in life … guitar is always heavy on my mind that if im playing good i feel good … if im not playing good welll id grab a couple jager bombs and try to get thru the night that way haha most of the time it helped and the only thing i could think of is that the booze made me not focus so much … im going on a rant ill quit haha but anyone out there feeling discouraged just keep wacking at it and dont be bull headed against trying new ways to get the job done ( for years i thought alternate picking was my only option and if i wanted to play like paul gilbert thats what i need to do ) started using economy picking a few months ago and my playing has improved so much wish i tried it years ago… im glad troy figured this stuff out because i remeber being a kid and rewinding the tapes watching every movement trying to see if i could figure out what the shred guys where doing that i wasn’t … plus i read some bad advice years ago on the internet… i held my pick perpendicular flat to the string and tried to muscle threw it man i wasted so much time doing that haha okay ill stop !

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Dude, this is some seriously tasty playing. Sounds very very clean. Great work!

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I can relate to anybody who’s ego is in some way attached to guitarskills. I know thats not a wise thing to do but kind of natural after putting much time and energy into something.
Great to hear that the persistence pays off!

Its not just your picking, though, your overall tone is great, the bends are on point etc. Imo you are much better than you make it sound.


you guys are awesome thanks for the kind words