Progress of returning

Okay. I have my guitar now.
It’s been a couple of days… and I should have been practicing but I played random stuff instead. It can’t be helped - I missed a guitar so much )

Main problem is my left hand as usual. I just miss the frets and miss the strings. I can’t get used to this neck. And… I found that it has different distance between different string. Super-guitar )

Another thing is that for whatever reasons I don’t use much pick leaning angle. While it was very helpful for me half of year ago, now I don’t feel it. New orientation gives me more agressive sound and feeling. I don’t know… it may be related with new strings which are a mix of high, low and middle tension strings.

I get my 180bpm scales though it’s sloppy in left hand. And I get my tremolo though I didn’t try it with a metronome, but I guess it’s “fast enough”. I have problems with downpicking - now I can’t play MoP in tempo though I played it before. I’ts sad (but true).

By the way, I liked the idea of strong picking actually. So now I have a new fun: I use a gate with a very high threshold and try to play familiar pieces. Thus you don’t hear notes until you picking them hard . Fun stuff, you should try this )


Hey @ASTN, I must have missed this a while ago - but I am happy (as probably many others) that you are back and in a very musically productive state :smiley:

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