PSA: Don't ignore event listings at hip venues near you

So, as a young whipper-snapper, I kept a pretty close eye on club listings in my area. Not so much anymore. And with social media, I do a decent job of keeping up on what my “favorite artists” are up to.

But apparently I’m not as tuned in as I think I am, because last night I was looking for Uli Roth live clips, and discover that I missed him playing live in my town just a few months ago. And around the same time he came through, Jake E. Lee did too, which of course I also missed. Looking ahead, soon there’s Paul Gilbert, George Lynch and Tony MacAlpine each coming through town within two weeks of each other. Not that I’d necessarily go to each and every one of these shows, but it feels better to decide not to go than to think “Oh fuck! You mean I could have gone to that!?”


Yes, I agree! I am developing a sort of phobia of missing out on those good opportunities (not really, but you know what I mean). That also includes those bands that come by often and deliver good shows, where you think to yourself, “ehh, I can catch them next time if I miss them”. One of my favorite bands recently split up, and now I most likely will never get to see them again.
So I also have become very aware of making more deliberate choices on going to concerts when possible. Music is meant to be experienced live in my opinion.

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I done got too old lol.

Yngwie came about 60 miles away at a small club. When i saw it (months ahead) I said id go. IIRC it would have been a Sat night after work. When that Sat night after work came…nope, I did the sensible thing and came home and fell out

Later he came within 45 miles! But alas, old age and laziness prevented me from seeing the legend

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I missed Andy Timmons at a club two or three blocks up the street from me. Worst of it is, I found out about it day of, but there was no way I could make it that night. I tipped off a buddy who was able to make it, didn’t really know Timmons, and left a huge fan, at least.

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