PSA, everything is slomo on YouTube

Maybe this is common knowledge but I didn’t know 'till yesterday: if you look near the bottom right of any YouTube window there’s the Settings icon, click that and you can select various playback speeds with good quality. Hopefully I was the only one downloading / converting files and slowing them down in Reaper, but you never know. ; )


i always have the best sound quality slowdown if i only slow down the audio and not the video, I use either the website, music speed changer, or their phone app very good. If I do the video it is a tad more artifacty (i just use this term dunno how else to describe it). You can also hit the custom button to go in 5% increments. I think this is only possible on a PC or Laptop, not the mobile YouTube app.

Another trick you can do is to slow down just the audio file to around 70% so it still retains fairly decent sound quality, record this slowdown. Then you can slow it down even more if you need to do it.

Thanks for the tip, I’ll definitely check that out. When I think of the days I had to walk to school uphill both ways . . .

Also, on PC/Laptop after pausing you can go forward frame by frame using “.” on the keyboard, and backward frame by frame using “,” on the keyboard.


Also I’m a big fan of the chrome extension “transpose”

it’s free and pretty great. You can slow down, speed up, loop, transpose (by semitones and cents) more or less any audio or video that chrome is playing.


im a fan of the transpose extension as well, just wish there was something this simple for my iPad too :confused:

And pressing the keyboard shortcuts Shift < to slow down and Shift > to speed up will step through the speeds. Also, pressing the numbers 0 through 9 will jump to the corresponding 10% of the playback time, e.g. 4 jumps to 40%.

Knowing is half the battle

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