Question about double scape DBX and Stringhopping

Hi, I’ve been a CTC subscriber for a long time and I still have doubts about the double scape motion (DBX) and Stringhopping.

The difference between those is actually the amount of movement getting out of the strings? Meaning that the DBX would be a “)” movement and Stringhopping a “>” movement. Where Stringhopping is a bouncing movement going far away from the strings.

So is just this amount of movement that we have to rectify to play with DBX motion?
One of the reasons I’m asking this is that I’m practicing Bebop lines and lines of Jazz that don’t have a specific order. Which would be playing just a note on a string, three notes on another, and two notes on another, etc. All in just one lick (or short phrase). And fast. So I remembered Andy Wood and Bluegrass players.
Maybe I just have to keep on practicing to get these lines with the rotational movement of the wrist and DBX. And this also will enable me to improvise with these type of lines with odd numbers of notes per string. It seems It’s getting better.

Love there! Peace.

DBX isn’t a motion. It just means you escape on both the upstroke and the downstroke. It can be done with several different motions.

Stringhopping is also not a motion. It’s a form of DBX where you use the same muscles for the upstroke and the downstroke. That’s the reason it’s slow. It’s inefficient because you only get one pickstroke per cycle instead of two.

If you want more insight than that, I’d recommend posting a video. There are too many variations for it to be helpful to dig into details unless we can see your form.