Question about FR bridges


I want to swap out the FR from one of my Charvels. I just want get a different color

According to the specs on Charvels site
I need a FR 1000 / R3 nut.

Currently I can only find the 1000 pro on Amazon, or the specials…

Any suggestions?


what color u want?


I believe there’s quite a few folks who believe the Gotoh GE1996T is better than the “official” Floyds. Suhr uses the Gotoh on their Floyd-equipped guitars. I’m 99% sure I saw a video where someone talked about doing a successful drop-in replacement of the Floyd Special on a Charvel with the Gotoh without replacing the original mounting posts.

There are also popular Schaller made-in-Germany Floyds marketed under Schaller’s own name, but I have no idea about drop-in compatibility for those with the “Official” Floyd (though I believe at least some of the “Official” Floyds are also made by Schaller, but not branded as Schaller).

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Agreed, Gotoh is top quality - and less $. No brainer IMO.


Thanks, but I was looking for info on the discrepancies between the various FR bridges.

I’m happy with my FRs.

All the best