Question and Comment

Is there a defined set of passages - sort of a baseline standard - that we should tackle and then post for critique? I have a few ideas of what I might post but thought you guys might have already defined something that is kind of that baseline test. If that makes sense. I’m still wading through the crosspicking videos as instructed - so not ready to post yet - my ADHD and kids make it hard for me to stay focused on a video for soooo long :stuck_out_tongue: But I thought if there was such thing I could work on getting it under my fingers while i watch these videos.

Also - I keep thinking there’s one other type of alt picking motion not covered here - and it’s probably rare but I swear a guy i know here uses it and uses it well. I would call it ligament rebound - kind of like what power lifters do to bounce out of a deep squat. This guy blazes pretty quickly - holding the pick completely the inverse of how I would hold one (or how Troy holds his) and manages to do it remarkably fast and clean. Look up Preston Black in Huntsville, Alabama - it’s kind of interesting how he picks.

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