Question for Kemper Profiler owners

I’m considering getting one.
The $1800 head model.

What speaker, cabs would work best?

Can I use headphones with it?

Any advice you could give me on purchasing one would be great.

Thank you

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I have an axe FX 3, and it is similar, just plug into powered studio monitors, a mixer, or even a home stereo.

You will have a headphone jack, but read the documentation,

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I have had a Kemper head for about 3 years and am still in love with it. I haven’t played one single gig where someone didn’t come up after with compliments on the sounds I was getting.

Ok, to answer your questions, I use mine with a Mission Engineering passive cabinet (I bought the powered head). I use it with a Quik Lok stand, which fits the cabinet and head pretty well and tilt the sound up away from your ankles.

Yes, it will work with headphones. The ability to controls the “space” parameter is really nice for headphones to inject a little room into an otherwise claustrophobic musical experience. It’s pretty flexible for routing audio around and you will want to spend some time learning how to save preset input and output configurations.

Lastly, I also purchased the Profiler Remote (the giant foot controller thingy) and can say it’s totally worth the money. You can plug up to four switch/expression pedals into the remote profiler with a single heavy-duty cat-5 cable that goes from the footboard to the amp. No more four-cable wads you have to tape down.

Hit me up with any other questions you have…more than happy to spread the Kemper love!


Thank you very much for the info.
Appreciate your time.

I might have to pass, because of the $$$