Question for R'n'B / Neo Soul fans (and derivatives)


I’m new to this genre but I have few favourite band
because of their jazzy harmonies and melodies.

I am looking for bands playing “dirty” chords and weird progressions :slight_smile:

Unexpected chords in progression,unexpected weird modulation,
in general it is about compositions in which there are many chords in progression,a lot of tensions,dissonance,anyway.

I like the most these albums:
Joshua Redman Elastic Band - Momentum
Antonio Faraò - Eklektik
Kris Bowers - Heroes + Misfits
Roy Hargrove & The RH Factor - Distractions
D’Angelo - Black Messiah

Dwele - Some Kinda
Hiatus Kaiyote - Choose Your Weapon
Moonchild - Be Free
Elisabeth Withers - It Can Happen To Anyone (great phrasing)
Allie - Nightshade
Jazzy Fat Nastees - The Once and Future (song The Wound)
Snarky Puppy - Culcha Vulcha
Robert Glasper Experiment - Black Radio 2
Neil Cowley Trio - Loud Louder
Live Maria Roggen - Circuit Songs
Come Shine - Do Do That Voodoo
King - We Are King
Low Leaf - AKASHAALAY (song/video, Set Me Free )

Yesterday someone told me about a new band THE 4 KORNERS

  • “Phraseology” Official Video


pay attention to 3;06 - from where they get this "naughty"chord in progression?
Excellent idea :slight_smile:

Anyway,now I need more similar,more interesting phrasing with finesse.
Professional melodic line :slight_smile: Any recommendations?
I need this for educational purposes,for analysis.

I’m a guitarist who had to resign from playing in a band
because of social phobia and anxiety disorder.
I stopped practicing but sometimes I’m experimenting in Guitar Pro
with interesting theoretical harmonic issues.
Just for myself to fill my free time somehow.


Check out Isaiah Sharkey.


Never heard of 4 Korners but these guys kick ass. Sounds more fusiony to me though than neo-soul. I think Neo Soul I think D’Angelo, India.Arie, etc. - funky and chilled out.

Among the newer crew, Moses Sumney is fantastic:


Cool tracks guys. Here’s some smooth ass fusion I grew up on.


Maybe, I’m not an expert :slight_smile:

Check this

this is harmonic madness!

Or this

PS. I forgot to mention about Art Spike Schloemer - Transfusion !!!


How bout some good 'ol Steely Dan -


I am interested in the exact same genre as you!
These are some players I have found whom I enjoy listening to.


Not bad :slight_smile: I like Stevie Wonder - Sir Duke because of modal interchange.
Once I was looking for interesting examples of songs using this method
and that’s how I found Sir Duke.

However, these are calm, smooth songs.

Mateus Asato also play chillout and I am looking for something that causes shivers :smiley:


As mentioned by someone else before, Isaiah Sharkey is amazing to check out.

At 2:37 he starts his solo and at 3:05 he goes full on George Benson! Even his picking approach is similar to Bensons. His playing has a lot of tasty licks.