Question for Troy - Antigravity "Full Scale 2WPS" clip


From what I’m seeing you use the ring finger for the 13th fret on the low E string. So 13-12-10 are fingers 3-2-1 respectively, where normally I would use the pinky on fret 13, and then ring and index for 12 and 10.

I’m curious because out of all the things in the Antigravity seminar this is the only one I am having trouble getting clean and I’m not sure if scale length has something to do with it.

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The Les Paul is 24.75" Scale, the Mustang is 24". There must be only a few millimeters difference between the two at the 10th position.

Fingering is always a personal preference thing. Yngwie prefers the 3rd finger for most things, but of course uses the 4th when convenient or necessary. Paul Gilbert often uses 1-3-4 in places where most players would use 1-2-3 or 1-2-4, and he’s got big hands + long fingers.

Personally, I’ll use 1-2-3 on a whole+half step pattern on the low E, all the way down to the 1st position - on a Strat. My hands are not huge at all, but I find it pretty comfortable.


Thanks for the response - I solved the problem by testing a few fingerings last night. I now have found for frets 8-10-12 and 10-12-14 that fingers 1, 2, and 4 are the way to go for the greatest accuracy and to avoid pulling the notes sharp. Coincidentally these are the same fingerings Paul uses for all of those frets in Intense Rock. Think I’m just gonna copy him from now on lol.

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