Question on DWPS. String change on downstroke


Hi all,

I am aware that on a downstroke string change, one can either use a sweep or a swipe.

In the lick I am playing, the last note is an upstroke and from there i have to go to the lower string to play and single note and return to the higher string. Therefore i have to play a legato to force the string change on a downstroke.

The problem is that legato combined with a swipe is seeming difficult to carry out.

Is there another way to go about it?

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Do you have a tab of the lick? I’m trying to visualise it. I’m thinking using a mix of economy picking and hybrid, or maybe just economy in the form of an up up motion, to help your string changes, but unsure if that is appropriate.

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β€œlower” means β€œthicker” string?

if so, isnt it just upstroke to lower string, downstroke one note, then economy downstroke to next string?



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With lower I meant the thinner string… It goes like this


Its basically a ascending in threes run.

This is the problem area


I force the legato on 6 to 8 in order to change string on downstroke and swipe to 5 on e string and then return to 8 on b string

Combining legato and swipe works but seems tough to execute everytime

I there a better alternative that anyone knows of

Thanks alot for your replies.

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not to be a smarta$s or anything, but…


other than that I use 2way for stuff like that

only other thing that comes to mind thats not all one string might be:

yeah, that particular fragment would be legato then upstroke on the 3rd note then just down down




Thanks alot… Your suggestions are very helpful

Another way i found out was this

If i start with an upstroke legsto on the 5 - 6 then the next note (8) is an down stroke which means 6 is an up and then 8 is a down… Making the string change possible on a down stroke.

the question is: should a legato always be on the last note before changing string or can it take place earlier? When i change string on up strokes , it’s always legato on last note.

Many thanks

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I would use hybrid for this for sure:


u can use as much legato as u want. The main issue with dwps is when u have that single note on the high e string it pretty much has to be an upstroke so that u can then do a downstroke next on the lower string etc.

So with dwps if u r going to do that single upstroke note then generally the last note before that would be legato to give you time to preposition the pick for the upstroke etc

ive done tons of "4"s licks so these "3"s are really freaky for me

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Thanks alot… Will definately check out hybrid picking


Thank you, you have been a huge help

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