Question to bakers

I have been working in a bakery for a month, and I am thinking about the risk of developing pollinosis,asthma etc
We do not use coal stoves but the flour burns and soot remains anyway.
There is a baker on forum with many years of experience who can tell how his health looks like?

My guess is that this isn’t the right place to go, and you’d have to search for things like “occupational medicine,” etc. For example,

Hobbyist home baker here, and this is something I’ve never thought about much. I did some googling though, and this was an early hit:

Sounds like it’s less the soot than airborne flour dust. If you work in a bakery where you routinely see large amounts of four dust in the air, then yeah, in the short run you’re not likely to have problems but over years of exposure this could cause problems. If the bakery has pretty good air controls though or flour moving/handling processes that don’t generate a lot of airborne flour, you should be fine.

Worst case, work in a face mask. I wouldn’t lose a ton of sleep over it though.

More importantly - what kind of bakery? And, any tips to make my baguettes even better? I use a couple recipes but like this King Arthur one, with the starter doubled and the main fermentation adjusted down to offset, baked at 550 (highest my oven can go) on a thick baking steel and using a cast iron skillet and ice cubes to get the oven humidity up for a better initial oven spring.

Anything you’d recommend to improve the process? The more I bake (mostly baguettes and pizza) the more I’m convinced a longer fermentation and good dough handling technique make the biggest differences of anything I’ve experimented with, but I’m always looking to improve.