Quick Magnet Test. Pop Tarts Lick

Hi, guys! Just got the magnet and wanted to share a quick clip! This thing is awesome


Nice work!

I’m planning on putting a pop tarts lick up soon as well - using it to chart progress.

We have very similar pick angles and escapes!

Good stuff!

Awesome, thanks for posting!

This is a pretty interesting clip. Your form looks like a USX player, but your motion does not. Or not exclusively. Typically when we see players with a form that looks like yours, very supinated arm + downward pickslant, we see a picking motion that is obviously upstroke escape, usually either wrist motion or wrist + forearm, or even fingers.

In your case however the motion looks like elbow joint motion, which is usually DSX. Some of the pickstrokes on the higher strings do appear to escape on downstrokes, while most of the others look trapped. Also, the escape of an elbow motion is not affected by forearm rotation — you can have your forearm positioned any way you like, the elbow joint still only moves along a roughly trapped or slightly DSX pathway, based on how you’re holding the guitar body. This is consistent with your clip.

Interestingly, your motion does escape on upstrokes at the string changes, but that could be a different joint firing up just for those notes. This is fine in this case and sounds great. Can you do 2nps lines with this motion, like pentatonics starting on a downstroke?

Thanks again for posting. This is why we made the Magnet!


Thank you for sharing! I feel like my picking mechanics are pretty similar to yours i.e. USX with the speed apparently coming from the elbow.

Do you feel/think your wrist is playing a role in your movement or do you keep it stiff?

I really appreciate your feedback! I’ve noticed I’m starting to use a combination of wrist motion and elbow that wasn’t really happening until recently… There’s also a little bit of a circular type of motion that I feel I’m doing with the pick sometimes, so it’s feels like a combination of a few things. It’s kind of interesting how it’s developed just in the last few months. Right now I’ve been going through roughly 30-35 exercises at 5 minutes each daily from the Volcano seminar while I have a wrist weight on my picking hand… Sounds kind of like a bad idea with using the wrist weight, but it’s actually helped me remain loose and forces me to use way more wrist motion so my hand/arm doesn’t get tired. As for pentatonics, I’m able to do them pretty smoothly. Been supplementing my practice with exercises from the Cascade seminar and it’s coming along nicely! I will post a video of the 2nps pentatonic in the next week or 2. Thanks again for the feedback!

Thanks for the comment! My wrist is definitely coming in to play and I keep it loose… It sort of feels like I am doing kind of like a circular motion with my pick that uses just a small bit of wrist motion but also a bit of elbow.

Thank you! Much appreciated. It’s definitely a work in progress, but I think it’s starting to come along. Keeping at it daily! Cheers!

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The pop tarts lick is most definitely not as easy as it seems - at least for me.

When you get into very high tempo, I find it (so far) near impossible to execute flawlessly each time.

Troy found a way to do it (and mentions and demonstrates it in this in this video)

I can get the speed pretty easily - but not the accuracy. I can usually only get about 95-97% accuracy between 190-200bpms. On review there are usually between 1 and 3 notes misplayed in a 41 note version of the lick.