Radial deviation ROM and wrist picking

I was at a barbecue yesterday where much of the crowd were musicians, and a few of us started nerding out about picking technique at one point. One guy, a great guitarist who uses mainly elbow technique, mentioned how he wanted to develop more wrist technique. I suppose I am of the “small mouse RDT” variety, and I started dramatically miming my motion in the air - one of the things I noticed when he tried to copy me was that his range of motion on the radial side was almost non-existent. So I actually tried moving his hand myself in an effort to get him to feel where his hand should be going, and… yeah, his wrist 100% locks just a little bit past the point of neutral when moving radially (ulnar had much more range of motion).

So this got me wondering if wrist motions that are closer to deviation/not super RDT work better for players who have greater ROM in general, and if the ROM is due entirely to anatomical reasons or if some sort of training could develop it.

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Can you do a video of your range? I think this is a massive unaddressed issue, our different body constructions effect what we can play. Some things you just can’t train for unless you’re built a certin way.

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Here it is, with some blabbing included.

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look at eds thumb… I mean comon…


If you think you can train past certin limitations then good luck…

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Yeah no there is definitely something different about riff’s hand compared to mine. My right hand can’t go as far left as riffdiculous’s; but thats not a bad thing. I can pick just as fast as everyone else with different muscles lol.

What about the left hand?

Hammer ons n pulloffs are very hard if your hand doesn’t have the angles of forces to do them well.

strangely I am very very good at legato and left hand technique in general. Picking was always my weakness but I solved it. tapping is like super easy to me.

But I think left hand technique is not really impacted by this. Remember left hand movement is just as complicated; if not more than picking. Though I do think people get it more naturally.

Actually I’m honestly starting to think that Riff’s wrist in his video is slightly using some doorknock motion muscles; because when I do that my wrist can move further in like his does.

Could be! It feels pretty much like pure deviation to me, though.

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I respond with the greatest song written about a cat, ever.

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