Random Thought of the Day!

How come I feel like my right hand (picking hand) operates better on a Les Paul type bridge and my left hand (fretting hand) operates better on a super stratty type neck (wide, fast, big frets, etc…)

Anyone else feel this way?

Ideas of guitars that satisfy both those needs? My ESP EC-1000 is pretty solid for that but it’s ultimately a les paul

Tone pros bridge on an LP changes the angles of your picking, as well as where your hand falls on the guitar (IMO your forearm feels farther “forward”). In a way, I find it makes USX more intuitive for me. It took me a little time to figure this out when I transitioned from my LTD EC to a Strandberg.

That being said, I love the short scale neck!

Maybe see if they make baritone / 25.5" scale ECs? I’m pretty sure they do.

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My shuriken variax has a 25.5" scale with a custom fixed bridge. It’s a close blend of both worlds and gets the job done. Would be cool if there was something you can just attach to the guitar bridge to raise the angle of your right hand a bit but idk what or where itwould have to go

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Does this Floyd Rose innovation address the problem?