Re-starting the journey

Hi everyone, I’m Chris and have been lurking around for a year or so and finally decided to introduce myself. I played a lot of guitar in my younger years and grew up listening to 80s metal like Ozzy, Iron Maiden, Yngwie, etc. My tastes are a bit more progressive these days but those early influences are still strong for me.
I played a lot with local bands in my teens and twenties, went to school as a music theory and composition major, but eventually moved on to an IT job that better supported my family. So I gave up music and pretty much stopped playing for 10-15 years but picked it up again after my teenage son developed an interest in bass guitar.
So here I am, back at it and hoping that I can move past some of the frustrating techical hurdles that seemed insurmountible before. Glad to meet you all!


Hi Chris

I see a lot pf people who were musicians that went into IT (me too!). Welcome - this is a great place to get back into things!

Hi Chris
Wow, another musician that gave up music after kids arrived, landed a job in IT and then when the smoke cleared, as the saying goes, is going back to playing. Exactly what I did or actually doing right now and I am an old fart. LOL Anyway, I realized my mechanics in playing had diminished greatly and was a bit discourage pushing myself past where I should be, remembering what it use to feel like playing. So I figured what the h*ll, besides playing my quitar, why not take lessons in classical guitar for the discipline, inexperience, low expectations, need for better flexibility and controls of left hand to play and was very beneficial. Never gona be a classical guitar player but great for developing the mechanics of playing the guitar especially left hand. My two cents - grin- If it sounds like something that might help, you will need a classical guitar teacher that not only gives you pieces to play but actually concentrates on developing your mechanics in playing such as Jamie Andreas

Seems like a common path for a lot of us! Thanks for the welcome :+1:

Seems like I have a lot of good company here at CTC with my guitar/IT career progression. Its funny you mention classical guitar because while pursuing my theory & comp major I studied classical guitar as my performance instrument. I still have bits of Sor and Villa-Lobos in muscle memory to this day. Surprisingly relevant to some of the modern “hybrid-picking” techniques. I AM learning more and more that my fretting hand (L) is probably holding me back more than my picking even though in my youth I thought the opposite.

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Yes, same here. I am a failed musician turned web developer (until AI puts me out of a job) and I was a theory / composition major that played classical guitar (I still play it from time to time). Anyway, welcome!