Recent AI thread and Forum Guidelines

Hi All,
You may have noticed that I deleted the recent AI thread from the Forum. We generally don’t like to do this but this thread was just making everyone mean to each other — just like the AI wants!

Of course, many of the posts (maybe even the majority?) were totally fine and contained interesting points of view. However, it would take significant time for me and Troy to sift through 100+ fairly long messages to decide what we should keep. I hope we all agree that our time is better spent making cool guitar instructionals!

Here is a reminder our Forum guidelines:

Final reminder: Please press the flag button to alert us (the moderators) if you find any problem with another user’s post. Please do not take matters in your hands.

That concludes my speech, thanks for listening :slight_smile:


I Want to apologize to @Frylock as I was being a dick and drunk. I certainly didn’t mean any offence. I know it came across wrong, and I Was in the wrong.


Just think, if we wait long enough, there will probably be AI plugins we can use on the forum. They would be able to filter out your drunk posts (which I usually thoroughly enjoy).

Seriously though, it’s big of you to apologize. Many don’t have it in them. Personally I like being wrong as it gives me the chance to reflect and grow. I am very familiar with this since I’m wrong fairly often lol!


I’m sorry I missed it.

Oh no. Were you Steve Clark’ing it again talking about “The Drum”?


Credit to you for apologizing. In hindsight, I’m sure there are things I could have done differently to make the end of that thread less messy too. Now back to guitar wheedily wheedily whee stuff.