Recliners for ergonomic practicing / what do YOU practice sitting on?

When you’re practicing comfortably for long periods of time, what kind of chair, recliner, sofa, stool, etc do you use (or do you stand), and do you feel it helps your technique or hinders it long-term?

Also, and this is a stretch, but does anyone have recommendations for recliners (not office or computer style chairs) that feel ergonomically suited for practicing (both electric and fingerstyle) comfortably?

I like a drum throne to sit on. It forces you to support the upper body for longer periods, strengthening the core you need to stand and perform for a few hours. I would think a recliner might make you too relaxed to focus effectively. To me, any firm surface without arms is ideal.


Pretty sure I’ve developed some tight muscles from only playing sitting down with the guitar on my right leg for many years, so now I never stay in the same position for more than 30 minutes or so? Sitting with guitar on right leg, left leg, suspended just by strap, or standing.

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For a V, I sit on the edge of a chair and put the prongs of the V over my right thigh, and cross my ankles: The guitar stands by itself in a classical position with no hands, it is extremely comfortable.

For a Strat-like shape, I sit on a flat surface and almost sit cross-legged, except I put my left leg on top of my right (e.g., left ankle on top of right knee, right ankle below left knee), and then I can have the guitar oriented in the classical guitar position.

I can never sit like most people and put the guitar on my right leg, that seems like an ergonomic catastrophe.

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I sit on the edge of an firm ottoman. The ottoman is 14 inches off the floor. Guitar on left thigh (I’m right handed) Rather than switch positions, I simply take a break when I begin to feel uncomfortable.

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I have a wobbly stool that I sit on, it forces me to either sit up (mostly) straight or stand up, especially after a while

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I have a PGM Mikro and a recliner chair - and it’s perfection!

I work from home coding all day long - so it’s really great - I practise whenever I want to, usually whenever I get stuck on a coding bug - hahahaha

I also got a cheap ass wireless system ( u know those £40 hacked bluetooth systems) so I don’t get any cable clutter, I get about 5 hours from that - and it fantastic!

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Wow, that guitar looks great and it’s crazy cheap!

What is it about it that you find helpful for your posture? is it the small scale / low weight or some other aspect?

Thanks :slight_smile:

PS: here’s Paul himself taking about it

umm that mikro is great when sitting down because it’s smaller - it’s that simple!

The guitar is great to play - but only when u use higher gauge strings - 11’s or 12’s.

I’ve set mine up to use 5 wound strings (0.017 on the high b string) for a great tone - at the expense of vibrato - it’s much harder to bend with wound strings on the higher strings.

The head machines are pretty low quality on the Mikro - I think it’s because of the tension difference between a normal scale guitar. So you’d have to factor that into the price.

The pickups are ok - but I use a EQ pedal to sort out any pickup differences.

I’m never going back to a normal scale guitar - the size and playability make it superb for
a lazy sit at home player like me :slight_smile:

you can test out if like that scale - by simply putting a capo on the 2nd fret of a 25" scale guitar - it’s roughly the same thing. And you’ll see the difference in tension and why you need higher gauge strings…

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Most of the time I have an office chair without arm rests.

But I also played on round piano chairs which seems to be a perfect fit. You can adjust the hieght and it is accessible from every angle =)

But I heard Satriani recomends a base drum :wink:

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Guitar on my left leg (right handed) sitting on a crappy kitchen chair and using a foot stool.
I should maybe try my drum stool now that I think of it, it’s slightly higher than what I sit on now.

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