Recuerdos de Hybrid Picking - a weird tremolo project by Tommo

Some recent discussions on string tracking motivated me to go back to this little crazy project I had for a while: playing classical tremolo with DWPS (with escaped upstrokes) using the pattern Down-pluck-down-up.

The string changes work fine, but I have some discomfort string tracking when the jumps become large (i.e. a 5-6 string range), and when the tremolo happens on the high E string, because there is no rest stroke. So I wrote my own Recuerdos ripoff etude, which only features a tremolo on the B and G strings [I will share a transcription soon]. This is very hard to do for me - a bit of a work in progress so please be nice - but constructive feedback is appreciated :slight_smile:

I would also like to some technical feedback from anyone who might want to try this technique. Let’s take the worst case scenario: one note on the low E, three on the high E:

 D m D U

The goal is roughly 16th notes @150-160 for these kinds of tunes, a bit faster than what I managed above. I’d be curious to know how these big jumps feel for the rest of you. Is there some way to make the 1st to 6th string jump comfortable? One thing I tried in the last couple of days (not sure if it will work) is to use the ring finger of the right hand, instead of the middle, for the wider skips. Please let me know what you come up with :slight_smile:

Finally this is my original thread on the technique for a few more details /context:


Small update, I did the Soundlslice tabs (little effort as I tabbed this in Guitar Pro a while ago). I notated only the bass + melody notes for simplicity - but of course it should be done as a tremolo (well - I managed that almost all the time :wink: )

Also, this is the signal chain I used in Overloud THU - thank you @BillHoudini for the many discussions on tones :slight_smile: I used some free Impulse Responses from the Seacow Cabs studio pack. In particular I used the Vox AC30 IRs labelled 1 and 2 (mixed with a small delay).

As you can see/hear I killed a lot of the mids and highs because tried to reduce as much as possible the “snap” you get from metal strings, trying to (vaguely) approximate the warmth of nylon. For the delay/reverb I didn’t think too much, just tapped a random tempo on the delay and played with the effects volume until it pleased me, apart from that I just used the stock settings for both (too much choice can be paralizing for me!)


Too much choice can be paralizing indeed! It sounds great @tommo , great work as usual!


Tommo, a beautiful composition and performance. :love_you_gesture::love_you_gesture::love_you_gesture:


Thank you! It’s two takes glued together, it may be obvious where the transition happens :slight_smile:

I am quite happy with it but I think it would sound better if I could do it 10% or so faster, and if I could make the attack more similar between picked and plucked notes. I think the delay + reverb + low pass filter helped a bit in this sense.

Also, I would be very curious to hear how this sounds when played by a good classical guitarist!