Regular_John Picking Motions

there ya go. First motion is the one i use mostly when i beginn with a downstroke. Second motion with upstroke. I can only tremolo pick with the second motion currently. Also, if i don’t think about and correct it, i have a massive thumb overlay.

I posted a similar video some weeks ago, where you said, my motions are efficent. If that’s still the case, i want to focus primarily on speeding up my picking, because that constant thought, that i’m doing a wrong motion is driving me nuts :slight_smile:


Unless you specifically want to develop a USX motion, I’d just take that wrist-based DSX motion you demonstrate at the 13 second mark and run with it. It looks really good to me.

With the USX motion at 19 seconds, you seem to have good speed, but struggle to consistently hit the string (a few “airballs” mixed in), which to me suggests your issue with that motion is controlling the depth of the pick attack. If you want to develop that motion, one thing you might try is uncurling your pinky and/or ring finger a bit to get more of a tactile reference of where the face of the guitar is to help you keep the strokes consistent. With your DSX motion, you seem to be getting tactile feedback from the heel of your hand against the guitar body or the bridge.

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alright. That’s about what i thought. Thanks for your help!

I will try the thing with the pinky. Also, i think you’r right with your suggestion about my DSX motion. I will watch the DSX Pickslanting Primer video again and try to give it some time. The hand positioning in the DSX motion is something, i never did or tried until i began to watch the primer recently, so i guess it also needs some time until it feels a bit less stiff :slight_smile:

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