Released that hand brake!

Hey guys, I have been watching the primer and reading the material and after doing the various speed tests I just started using my fast tremolo position for all soloing. I had been a string hopper before joining the site and now I believe I am a primary USX (possibly wrist movement - will try to make a video at some point to share). The amazing news is that my solo speed went from 100-120 tops to a comfortable 150-170. The speed range depends on what I’m playing mostly (I play jazz): I can really let loose on a simple blues, slower on more complicated harmony. I also noticed that when playing arpeggios or other lines with an uneven number of notes per string my hand naturally tends to adjust to allow string switching. It does get slightly slower and I probably need to work on some targeted exercises for it, but it does work fine most of the time. I also want to point out that I haven’t had the time or patience to establish a rigorous technical practice, eg, working on scales or studies, I simply continued working on soloing on songs. But even just that made a huge difference.
I am really really amazed that such relatively simple technical changes led to unthinkable improvements (for me at least). I look forward to diving deeper into the technique to achieve my goal of 300 BPM Giant Steps soloing :slight_smile:
Thank you for the resources on the site, I will forever be grateful!


This is awesome! Do you have some kind of before-after footage that we can look at?

And do you have an idea of what exactly you started doing differently that allowed this huge progress?

We are always trying to learn… how people learn :slight_smile:

Just keep doing what you are doing! :slight_smile:


I’m gonna have to see if I can find any footage, I’ll keep you posted. As far as what I changed, the only thing was changing the hand position from “floating” slightly above the strings (sorta needed for string hopping) to the fast tremolo speed one: resting on the bridge, mostly with the pinky side in contact with it. That very simple change allowed me to unlock super fast speed. I forgot to mention that I also did the 2NPS test and managed to get to 290BPM on a simple pentatonic run (in one direction).

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Cool thank you, keep us posted :slight_smile:

what test are you referring to? Playing the pentatonic scale straight up/down with 8th notes?

Yep that will definitely “reveal” any preferences Re: upstroke or downstroke string changes.

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Yes, just playing the pentatonic at 290BPM quadruplets starting on a downstroke.

@Giovanni Congratulations for your breakthrough. I had a very similar experience, being capped at 120bpm 16th notes and had a big jump in a few days.