Remembering EVH today with "(Very) Little Guitars" - full band tribute video

It’s been one year ago today. Always thought “Little Guitars” could’ve been a hit! I used some even smaller guitars than EVH in the video! If you enjoy, would you give it a like and a comment? Helps me with algorithmic stuff!

If you do it, let me know and I’ll share the bonus track that didn’t make it onto the EP — a wacky, eastern-Euro style version of “Right Now” in 7/8!


This was awesome. I loved the vocals especially. I’ve never been into EVH but this is really great stuff.

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Very cool and a reminder that we lost the first modern guitar hero a year ago. His music will live on for eternity.

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thanks, Gabriel! not much shreddin’ in there but… the original didn’t have any either. :slight_smile:

yes. I was terribly sad! We did a 4-song EP you might enjoy if you liked this (and videos for each tune.)

believe it or not, the most challenging thing was doing the calypso guitar part on “Dance the Night Away”. Just… and endurance test on a style I don’t play often!

I enjoyed that rendition of “Little Guitars”. It was unique and not the type of VH cover most people do. Your version is a reminder that EVH and DLR could write incredibly catchy pop songs too. While so many of us do love the guitar playing of EVH and it was revolutionary, it is the quality of the songs that have allowed VH to have a broad and everlasting appeal to so many people.

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I just remembered that episode of South Park where VH came on and played Ain’t Talking Bout Love to the crowd as Christianity Judaism and Islam united for world peace.

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