Removing bad habits that have crept up

During lockdown I stopped playing guitar to personal reasons, I started again October and I realized some bad habits have crept up because of that, especially the way I played rhythm, my pick used to almost never fall, and ive been worried I lost the sweet spot for it I tried changing picks and I still struggled especially when palm muting, I really don’t know what’s going on, it feels like I have to constantly worry for it not to slip, only time it doesn’t is when im not aware but then I DO get aware and its a cycle. I never have this issue with lead playing
Edit: I should mention I start feeling my index finger hitting the strings,
Ps I use a Jazz pick Petrucci
First image is how it ends up slipping

Second image I thought is maybe when I play lead it might end up different looking before switching back to rhythm

this felt like walking on ice before the pick slips

Does it slip to where you have it in the second pick and then stay there? Or will you drop it? Find it gets stuck?

Going by the pic, it just looks like positive pick point. Which is something that many players play with, whether that’s consciously or unconsciously.

Is it possible that it only bothers you because you can see it and feel it shouldn’t be happening ? or is it causing a problem in your playing?

I guess its the stuck part, I guess the last part you mentioned makes sense, when I became aware of it it tilts, also its causing problem only in my Rythm and palm muting, especially when palming and switching from power chords from the e string to the a string